Who am I?

My name is Jordan Koplowicz.  I have been building websites for 12 years, and writing software a lot longer than that.  This is not a hobby for me; this is my profession.  I have a steadily growing list of clients; please see my portfolio for some examples.

I do not have any formal CS training; I am entirely self-taught.  I grew up in Silicon Valley during the "dot-com boom," and most of the success stories I saw had no formal training either.  (Think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.)  My work, however, speaks for itself.

I do have formal training as an attorney, and I am licensed to practice law in the state of California.  After practicing law for four years, I returned to my first and greatest passion: computer programming.  However, my license is still active, and I am still available for legal consulting on the side.  Please note: I cannot offer legal advice or representation through Tenuki Design.  If you want legal help, we can create a separate agreement.

I always knew I wanted to be a programmer.  In 5th grade, I'd stay inside at recess, and write software on an Apple IIe with my best friend.  Our favorite program was a digital version of MASH, a popular children's game.  In high school, I did an AP Calculus project on calculating Pi using a Sun Sparcstation.  In college, while pursing a major in pre-law, I worked for the Scripps Institute of Oceanography as a network administrator, managing several dozen Sun workstations and PCs, and built my first website.  In law school, I ran my first web server out of my Haight Ashbury apartment.

Now, after four years of practicing law, I've returned to my first and greatest passion.  The future of programming is on the web, and that is where I've positioned myself.

You'll notice my use of the first person throughout this site; that's because Tenuki Design is a sole proprietorship.  I'm not going to artificially inflate the size of the company by referring to myself as "we."  With Tenuki Design, you know exactly what you're getting.

I still live in San Francisco, with my wife and child.  In my spare time I work on my personal website, and I go camping.

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