Social Networking

As of this year, Facebook drives more traffic than Google.  What does that mean for you?  It means you need to be connected, and not just on Facebook.  Companies rely on Twitter, Yelp, and other social networks to drive business.  So how can this help you?

The social network is social.  It's easy to start: every time your friend "likes" your business on Facebook, all his friends know about it too.  It's instant exposure.

You can use the social network to communicate.  Twitter is great for getting the word out.  Yelp is great for offering deals, and even coupons.

Sound like a lot of work?  It isn't.  I can seamlessly integrate all the necessary networks into your own site.  Got news to share?  Post it once, and watch as your news travels across the internet, automatically.

What about privacy?  Just like everything else in life, you need to be careful.  There are rules to follow.  Keep your business life separate from your private life.  Be aware of legal limitations on commercial speech.  But this isn't really any different from running an ad in the Yellow Pages - just more effective.

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