Custom Drupal Modules

Being a web designer means there's always something more to learn.  Today's task: custom Drupal modules.  

Drupal is a content management system that's powerful because you can add modules with added functionality.  Drupal is open source which means anyone can write a module, and the community has already supplied thousands.  If you need to do something fancy on your site, odds are there's already a module for it.  But if there isn't, you can make your own.

Of course, this isn't easy.  Modules are written in PHP and must use Drupal's API.  So, how to get started?  The best tutorial on the subject I've found is from Geeks & God.  (Totally awesome site, too; shows how any organization can make good use of Drupal.)

I intend to release my first contributed module soon; stay tuned.

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