Basic Drupal

Drupal is a content management system that brings the full power of Web 2.0 to your site.  It works right out of the box and makes it easy to add and edit content.  There are hundreds of third-party themes available online for free.

A basic Drupal site from Tenuki comes with:

  • Simple content editing - if you can use Gmail, you can do this
  • Built-in blog to keep your content fresh
  • RSS news feed so people can keep up to date
  • Selection of premade visual themes
  • Unlimited training for you and your staff
  • Software support for one year


Q: What if I want something simpler?

A: Actually, I can build a site faster in Drupal than I can with raw html.  I've got a preset Drupal configuration that works for 90% of all websites and can deploy the entire site in under an hour.  That's impossible with raw html.  However, if you have a burning need for raw html, I am happy to oblige.


Q: What if I need more?

A: Check out what I offer for advanced Drupal sites.

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